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Hybrid Office Space

Hybrid Workspace   As the new normal in the post-pandemic work, businesses have come a long way in embracing the digital office over the past more than a year, ever since work-from-home trend started. More and more corporates will transform into a hybrid model as the employees would demand workspaces with greater emphasis on higher standards of health and wellness. With the universal roll-out of vaccines across the world, the organizations have started returning to their workplace. What should this future of work look like; it’s going to be more tech-enabled, contact less engagement with the work space. Hot-desking approach to the corporate office, wherein most of the employees won’t be assigned dedicated desk/work-station. It would increase their needs of physical storage (lockers et al) along with digital storage needs per employee (mail box size). Social distancing has to be kept in mind while re-designing the offices for the employees’ return to office. Now that these occupiers are

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